About Us


Who We Are

SIA is fostered on the belief that a hands-on investing opportunity provides a diverse skillset to undergraduate students seeking to pursue a career in financial services. The experience that members receive through conducting due diligence on companies and their respective industries, synthesizing information to form robust thesis points, building fully functional valuation models, and preparing and delivering stock pitch presentations enables them to build a diverse skillset in preparation for their future endeavors. Furthermore, we empower members by providing them with the technical and analytical skillsets necessary to win competitive positions in the industry, and more importantly, contribute to reaching their utmost potential. 

Professional Development

To encourage growth and excellence, SIA hosts a multitude of professional development events throughout the academic year. Events include guest lectures, alumni panels, roadshows, and exclusive networking opportunities providing key insights into financial markets and preparing members for success in the industry.


Educational Seminars

To develop members’ skillsets, SIA presents weekly educational seminars designed to teach core behavioral and technical concepts. Each concept is pertinent to all careers in the financial services industry. Please see below for this year's academic schedule.

Fall 2022 Schedule

SIA Schedule.png